Our team is based in Hong Kong and London, and comprises experienced professionals with finance, investment, technical and operational expertise in the oil and gas industry. Most of the team has a long history of collaboration.


Ivor Orchard

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Jason Cheng

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

 Investment and Portfolio Management

Julian Ball

Managing Director, Head of Investment and Portfolio Management

Leonard Tao

Managing Director

Yash Kaman

Managing Director

Tushar Kumar, CFA

Managing Director

Ross Chiu

Vice President

Ali Sharifi

Vice President

Natalia Simakina, CFA

Vice President

Anish Patel


Roberta Wong

Vice President

Andre Cheng

Vice President


Roy Kelly

Managing Director

Laura Hardiman

Principal Petroleum Engineer

James Rigg

Senior Associate

Fraser James


Investor Relations

David Martus, CFA