Responsible Investing

Download the Kerogen Capital ESG Policy Statement

Kerogen believes that environmentally and socially responsible investment builds long-term sustainability and support for investment projects as well as reduces their risk. The energy and natural resources industry, given its long-term, capital intensive nature, can play an important role in bringing potentially lasting positive social and economic impact to host countries.

Kerogen is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). As part of this commitment, Kerogen published its ESG Policy Statement, which brings a range of its ESG-related policies and activities into an integrated document and details our approach to responsible investing, incorporating social and environmental issues, health and safety considerations and principles of good governance.

At Kerogen, ESG management is embedded in every stage of our investment process, from initial assessment, through ongoing portfolio management and risk mitigation activities, to exit.

Our portfolio management approach to ESG focuses on helping our portfolio companies to meet the growing demand for energy in a responsible way, complying with international ESG standards, policies and processes. This means operating safely and in compliance with regulation, minimising and managing impact on the environment, engaging positively and sharing benefits with local communities, employees and government, and having a zero-tolerance policy on corruption.