Our Approach

Our Partnership Approach

Kerogen’s philosophy is to partner with talented management teams that operate to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism and are focused on a strategy with which they have had proven success. Many teams build a competitive advantage in a particular area of technical expertise or in-country operating experience.

At Kerogen, we work closely with portfolio company management to set a clear path for success. Kerogen’s role is to support and partner with our portfolio companies over the long-term, extending beyond purely financial support. As an actively engaged investor, we seek to develop a collaborative relationship with management teams, proprietors, shareholders, joint venture partners, governments and other stakeholders within our portfolio. We participate at board level as well as on joint technical and operating committees with our portfolio companies.

We create value by contributing to the formulation of business strategy, sourcing new business development opportunities, assisting in financial strategy and ongoing capital raising needs, aligning and incentivising management around clear performance objectives, assisting with plans relating to risk management and ESG, and facilitating access to key industry, government and financial contacts.

Private equity can provide substantial benefits for oil and gas companies, including the ability to:

Provide long-term stable capital in an industry that is both highly capital-intensive and requires a planning horizon across oil price cycles.

Offer a solution for funding contractual licence commitments and work programmes based on a shared understanding of the target goals and project milestones.

Deliver strategic, technical, operating and financial support to management teams.

Allow junior companies to retain their independence, enabling them to focus on the operations and growth of their businesses.

Foster alignment between shareholders, management, partners and other stakeholders by building shared objectives and aligning incentives.