Strategy at a Glance

Kerogen’s investment strategy is designed to capture a number of important long-term trends in the oil and gas industry, including:

The significant resource potential from international oil and gas sector.

The role played by smaller, technically talented and entrepreneurial companies in opening up and developing new plays in the international sector, coupled with increasing challenges faced by these companies in raising capital.

The increasing importance of Asia to the global energy industry, both as an end user and a strategic participant.

Kerogen provides growth, expansion and development capital to established junior oil and gas companies. By leveraging our in-house industry and financial expertise as well as our operating and technical experience, we partner with talented management teams to create and unlock value.

Focus on international basins outside North America with proven hydrocarbon systems and large-scale resource potential.

Partner with leading management teams who possess a proven track record and extensive in-country experience.

Provide expansion and development capital to junior oil and gas companies with established portfolios containing one or more flagship appraisal and development projects.

Create value by advancing assets up the development curve, complemented by portfolio diversification through acreage accumulation and bolt-on acquisitions.